The Feline Flick

Lets just say make up application is not my bff. I like make up. I like it a lot actually. Especially lipstick (yum). Brightly colored lipstick to be exact (double yum). Eye shadow is sort of my enemy. I'm horrible with color choice and if it's something more than a light neutral I tend to look like I got in a fight with my own fist. Maybe that's why I'm in love with the simple cat eye. Bright lips, glowy complexion, pink tinted cheeks, and a killer cat eye~gorgeous.  So, why is it that I can only master the art of the perfect cat eye after midnight? (Yes my friends, I do strange things at midnight like practice my cat eye.) Give me a liquid liner pen at 9AM when I'm fresh and perky...guaranteed the right eye will be from Southeast Asia and the left will be walking with the Egyptians. So frustrating. Maybe I should apply at midnight and sleep with it on. Now there's an idea I never thought of.

Here are some of my favorite kitty cat looks:

Do you respect the cat eye?

P.S. I tend to play in my own closet at midnight as well. So weird. Often times the hubs will catch me and ask me where I'm going. I always tell him Paris!

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Annette M said...

If you apply the cat-eyes at midnight and sleep like that, you'll probably be working the Courtney Love look in the morning. :/