Vacation: Day 15

Six years he's been begging us. Six years.

"Dad PLEASE can we go to Bear World this time? PLEASE??!!
You always say no but, PLEASE can we go this year?
I promise I'll even walk super fast through the gift shop and won't ask for anything!
And I won't bug you for quarters at the penny press machine. Those are sorta dumb anyway.
It will be so much fun. I know  you're gonna love it and remember it forever. Please??!!"

Congrats Kelson J Walker. You won. After six years you finally won.

And although your Dad and I would never admit to you that you were right, we did have a great time and will remember it forever (especially when Ted climbed on our car) We are greatful for your persistence. BUT...don't you dare ask us to go back for another six years!:)

In less that 24 hours we will be home. Home! Home! Home! Hallelulah!
And in leass than 48 hours my Children go back to school (a silent inside-my-head hallelulah cheer).

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