"Home Sweet Home"

Welcome Home Princess Pookie...Welcome Home!

I'd like to take a moment to give you a tour of my newly remodeled house. It sits on about a 500 acre lot surrounded by a new coat of beautiful black pavement, fresh landscaping and cars I cannot afford but wish I could. It has 3 outdoor entrances and one indoor with an E-Bar to welcome you -The pomegranate smoothie is an excellent treat at my E-Bar by the way. It is approx. 35,000 square feet, has 4 "her" bathrooms, "2" his bathrooms, 1 family bathroom, marble floors and the eat-in kitchen serves AMAZING lunches. All the closets are filled with the most delicious clothing you've ever seen and the accessory storage area is to die for! Also, this house comes equipped with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty! Note: All the facts stated above are general Princess Pookie guesstimations.

Yes, I have to admit I am a Nordstrom snob. However, I am a Nordstrom snob on a Target budget! (More to come on this.) I won't lie to you, I have been known to throw down some serious cash at Nordy's (Love ya Hon!--That was for my Prince Charming.) But, I can honestly say every penny-or should I say $100 dollar bill:)- has been well worth it. Absolutely no buyers remorse here. Okay, well maybe for a split second but I get over it pretty quick!

10 Reasons Why I have a love affair with Nordstrom:

1. Shoe Department

2. Impeccable costomer service!

3. Reusable shopping bags and gift boxes. Hint: You can give them to your friends to make them think you got them a gift from Nordy's. However, I would NEVER to this.:)

4. Random Thank You cards that show up in your mailbox thanking you for shopping in their store. Clever!

5. Shoe Department

6. Nordstrom Reward Points

7. The little mints they leave after you've enjoyed a delectable meal in their "Bistro".

8. LIVE! Piano Concerts

9. Will go to the end of the earth to find the the pink ruffle hoodie in your size! (I'll post a pic. when it arrives.)

10. Shoe Department

Photo Shoot of My Day at My New House:

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Gees...open already...I'm paying a babysitter for crying out loud!

Princess Pookie Thoughts: I'm way too sexy for both of these.

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Will you come decorate my bedroom? Oh wait, this is my bedroom-practically. (BP dressing rooms)

Princess Pookie Thoughts: I should buy all my friends a pair of these--You wish!

Princess Pookie Thoughts: First, Why am I standing here grabbing my butt? Second, Why is Peeps (I'll introduce you to "Peeps" later) taking a pic. of this and third, why did I just post this?

Princess Pookie Thoughts: I'll take one in every color please.

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Hmmm...where can I hide this stuff so my husband won't find out?

Shopping Homework: Go see the new Nordstrom or if you don't live near the new store, check out these "Naughty" shoes and let me know what ya think. Hot! Hot! Hot!

It's the weekend...go shopping!
P.S. Thanks for letting me get my Nordstrom obsession out of my system. I do realize I have a problem.:)


The Henricksen Journal said...

Naughty Monkey! Don't you already have a pair of these? I could see them on your feet as I browsed. btw, hide the stuff from your hubby in his car. The trunk is probably the safest place. My hubby never looks there.

Snow said...

The same JoDee I know and love (Your Shoe Fetish)...I love your blog!!! I check it everyday for your fashion tips! Can I say you look amazing after two kids...keep it up!
You Rock!!

Michelle said...

You are so funny! I love your blog. My daughter and I are heading to Nordy's -I mean your house-this morning. Can't wait!!

Lauri said...

You're right, those shoes are great! Not quite the same ones we saw but they will do in a pinch. The manican pic is my fav!

Rachel said...

You are so Naughty Monkey material. I can't wait for your post about Nordstrom on a Target budget...that's me!! I am excited to see the new house. I need to get a sitter though. Can't appreciate it with three little ones running and hiding in the racks.

Julianna said...

You totally crack me up. You are holding your butt because you just stuck it out to look in the mirror of course after busting out a clogging move.