Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Princess Pookie Throws a Halloween Party

It's Party Time Princess Pookie Style!

How to be the hostest of the mostest...
Have a theme
Send A REAL Invitation-none of this "E-vite" stuff
(However, I do agree that there is a time and place for an e-vite!)
Have a plan.

One item you will ALWAYS see at a Princess Pookie Party:
A Beverage Tub!

I am a sucker for a cute beverage tub and crazy drinks!
These fun drinks were a hit for the kids...and adults!

Cupcakes! A MUST at every Halloween party! (Thanks Lara!)

All the guests were asked to bring a dessert for two in a disguise. Now That's what I call clever! Game Idea: I turned this into a game by having each couple draw a number and then at their turn they could either pick a dessert or steal from someone else. (None of the desserts could be opened until the end.) However, I switched some of the desserts to things such as rotten bananas or squash. Hee hee!

The daddy's carved pumpkins while the kidos made spider suckers. Then we all voted on which pumpkin was the best. If you were wondering...the scary one on the far right won.

Decorating Idea: This old birdcage was found at a garage sale. I spray painted it orange, found an old crow and draped with spider webs. Easy cheesy!

Good thing the maid comes tomorrow! (My maid's name is Prince Charming.)

What was on Princess Pookie's Menu: Chili or Baked Potato Soup (Homemade thank you very much!) Various Breads and Muffins, Mini Pizza's for the Kids...and Adults, strawberries and apples for carmel dipping, crazy drinks.

Thanks to all who came. We hope you had a "spooktacular" time! What's next on the social calendar? "Ghouls Night Out" ...wanna come?
If you want a template of my Halloween party invite, e-mail me. I love to share. You just have to promise you'll tell all your friends is was your idea.:)

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Lauri said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time! I love all of your Jo Dee-isms! The drinks are very cute. And I love the new pictures of the kids!

Julianna said...

Email me an invite! Looks like a great time.