It's a Love Hate Thing

Princess Pookie...

Loves her little darlings
Hates how fast they're growing-most days:)

Loves to shop
Hates to shop with children

Loves to eat out (especially Chinese)
Hates to cook

Loves a clean kitchen
Hates to clean the kitchen

Loves shoes
Hates to clean up shoes scattered around the house

Loves a sale
Hates when there's nothing on sale in her size

Loves "So You Think You Can Dance"
Hates the commercials

Loves Nordstrom
Hates Macy's (sorry Macy's lovers)

Loves Holiday colored peanut butter M&M's
Hates the brown peanut butter M&M's

Loves the sun
Hates the rain

Loves Range Rovers
Hates that she'll never have one (even if I could afford one I'd probably never buy one. Wait...yes I would! Duh!)

Loves music
Hates when she forgets to re-charge her ipod

Loves french fries
Hates the calories

Loves Charlie Brown Holiday TV specials
(Watching the Great Pumpkin right now!)
Hates that the TV specials aren't so "special" anymore now that I'm old (Can you name all the C.B. characters? Hint HERE)

Loves her Prince Charming
Hates nothing about him! (Alright, the occasional snoring can be a bit bothersome but I love you anyway!)

What does this post have to do with fashion? Pretty much nothing!
Let's focus on the Loves today and forget about the hates.

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