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Family Fun Night at the School

What a night of sheer family "fun" .

(This is my new pink ruffle hoodie from "Home".

Mini Golf, jumpy house and pumpkin picking...what more could a kid ask for?

We still have how many tickets left?

ALERT! ALERT! Mom jeans in the house. Run for your lives!

I don't care how great of a deal these mom jeans were. The perma wedge isn't worth it!

So this is what two hours of standing in line and $10 bucks got us. I think next year we'll take our $10 bucks and visit the Target toy department instead! Ba hum bug Mommy.

These beauts will be a party to remove!

The Holiday Gift Show
(I actually hit this on Thurs.)

So I totally should not have gone to this considering I just had surgery but my sister made me do it. Don't tell anyone but I didn't last very long shopping at the Holiday show. It was pretty lamo anyway. Get this...I had THREE males compliment me on my sock/boot combo. See ladies, the males species does pay attention to fashion. (Wearing my new b-day hat and socks.)

Someone please hit me and tell me I'm dreaming. These lovely's canNOT possibly still be in production! If you currently have one of these in your closet, you've got a fashion nightmare on your hands. GET RID OF IT!

What did I buy at the gift show? Ribbon. Boring? Maybe but pink and black ribbon is a gift wrapping fashion frenzy favorite of mine so it's a little exciting for me! Got a good deal too!

Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

I committed to do this b-day party about 2 mo. ago. What's a princess to do? Disappointing a 5 yr. old and all her guests is not my style no matter how crappy I feel!

Mom's Feeling a Little Better So Let's Give Dad a Break!

Krispy Kreme Donuts... Now that's an adventure! Thanks dad for staying home and doing a gazillion loads of laundry so that we can all be "fashionable" come Monday morning!

Thank you LCCA (my hub's peeps) for the special weekend delivery!

(Don't get me wrong...I LOVE getting flowers but w/my b-day being last weekend and now the minor health scare, my house is starting to look like a funeral parlor!)

Act V

It's Sunday!

Cowboy boots and pearls...love it!

Fashion Tip: Notice you won't find the color of my shirt anywhere in my dress. Keepin' with the Princess Pookie not "too matchy matchy" rule. Try it!

Gee's I'm exhausted just writing this blog. I just had a major operation for cryin out loud. I need a nap!


Mimi said...

I can't believe you took a picture of my mom jeaned butt and posted it on your blog ;-) My husband has a hobby of taking pictures of peoples mullets and hairiness... you two are quite the pair. Let's hope they never check out our blogs!!

I love the boots!! Can you please do a post about buying comfy shoes. I just can't sacrifice my feet for fashion... I can't- I would like some cute shoes that are guaranteed to get put back on my feet after one outing.

Lauri said...

Oh my goodness. You crack me up. Did the poor lady know that you were taking a close-up of her booty? That's so funny. And you invite me to the gift show and then ditch me? I'm pretty sure that's a fashion no no. Or some kind of no no. Anyway, glad you had a fun couple of days. I hope to see you soon.

Annette said...


My son is reading over my shoulder. He sees the pink hoodie picture... thinks a moment... then sits up and says, "Mom, look! Is this the same face?" And check it, he's got the same expression on his face.

I told him that if he did it long enough, his face would freeze like that. :)

(P.S. about the boots... Does this mean I can dust off my old lace up Roper cowboy boots that I SWORE I would never EVER wear again after the whole cowboy phase died a quiet death in the 90's.... and put 'em on and call 'em fashion...?

...didn't think so. I'll stick to something safer....)

Sara said...

Love that you took a picture of the mom jeans and love it even more that you gave us readers a close up! Made my night! I didn't use to take pictures of other people in public, but when I went to Vegas it was a different story...I had to or no one would believe me. I took a pic. of an older guy with his wife walking down the main drag with a button up shirt and get this NO PANTS!!!! There is proof on my blog (It might be called Bachelorette Party, I think) Now what does Princess say to that? if you can't be fashionable or you have the urge to wear Mom jeans....maybe try nothing at all:)? I love your blog and am going to buy a pair of shoes you posted...I think one of the mustard style shoes, but in black...I know, I know, Boring! But I need a pair! and it is thinking outside the box a little for me:) Let's get another date on the calendar! Hope you're feeling better!