FFF! (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Oh it's a great day in the world of shopping~
Dear Princesses, I'd like to announce to all of you that a miracle happened in my life today. I found the "it" jeans of the century. You know, the ones where you put them on and yell "YES! God loves me today" at the top of your lungs. Not only did I find the "it" jeans but I picked up one pair of jeans to try on today AND they were the ones. First try princesses....first try! I was filled with such jubilee that I made this random girl take a photo! For those of you out there drooling over True Religion jeans-like me-I dig the signature twisted leg seam-I want THESE and THESE and especially THESE. Will someone buy them for me? I'll be your BFF. The jeans I got are True Religion look-a-likes (I think anyway) without the True Religion price. Where did I get them and how can you get a pair? If I told you then I'd have to kill you. Just kidding! You should already know this but you can find these in "my closet" aka BP Nordy's and the brand name is Big Star. (no link Nord's just started carrying them-too new-sorry) As you can see on the right, Lucy had a little fun at the Mac make up counter. Little gloss, rouge for the cheeks and she was good to go! Thanks Mac make up counter lady for all your patience with my Lulu.

Hey...anyone out there looking for a great pair of trouser jeans? I tried THESE on too and they were pretty stellar! Probably would have bought them had I not already just purchased my "it" jeans. Moderation princesses...that's the key to shopping happiness. Debt free moderation. :) Or in other words...budget! Budgets suck! Will someone buy me a lottery ticket? I don't gamble.
Now on to FFF
I know last week I told you I'd be featuring "Wearing jeans and T's in style" but my photo shoot didn't turn out so we'll save it yet for another week. Please accept my apologies. So instead I'm featuring another one of my latest and greatest fashion re-discoveries. It's pretty complicated so hold on to your girdle Myrtle! Black, black, black and more black with a little splash of white. Smashing my dears....smashing! 85% of my wardrobe is black. Call me funeral lady if you want but being addicted to black triples the size of my wardrobe and black is everywhere to be found. AND finding inexpensive black pieces is a cinch. However, there are a few black essentials that you might want to spend more than $9.99 on. Also, please remember these two things when sporting this look. 1-It is not a fashion trend to wear black gone gray. 2-Black comes in several different shades. You're aloud to throw the matchy matchy rule out here. Please do your best to match your shades!
My Rock Star White Belt

This belt was an investment if you will. I eyed this white belt for a while (really) and I knew it was on my check list for the Nordstrom anniversary sale this summer so I was prepared to pay for it. They generally retail for about $80-$100 but I got mine on sale for around $59. (Don't you dare judge me for spending that much money on a belt and I won't judge you for wearing mom jeans.:))Those of you familiar with Ed Hardy know that you're paying for the name. It doesn't take a brianiac to know that designer name=lots of pennies. But I love Ed Hardy's designs. They're a bit punky punk but not too evil scary punk. They're just oh so cool punk because they are "Ed Hardy". Here's a little secret. A child's large = an adult small. Shop the child's section and you'll save a bundle. (pic on right) Same goes for Ed Hardy child T's!

I think the trick to this chic look is literally solid black with the white belt pop. I beg you not to wear white shoes with this combo. You'll blow my matchy matchy rule. Notice my summer wardrobe gone winter again. Capris with boots~ Yummy!
NOTE: If you're not in to the shirt tucked in belt wearing thing, wear a shirt out with a belt wrapped around. I do this a lot as well. Black button down w/skinny-look dress pants, black ballet flats and a white belt wrap...sharp princesses! Do you think you're tummy's too poochy for this look? You're wrongo! Hello? That's why they invented black!

Check out THESE black wide leg trousers (pictured). They're comfy, they're dressy, they're the perfect cut and fit, they're stylish, they look great on just about all woman kind and most importantly they're a bargain! If you hit a GAP store they're $16.50! l (They still had quite a few too) Not only did I find "it" jeans but I found the perfect pair of black trousers yesterday. Now that's a SS (shopping success) with a double capital S!

After a long day of shopping look what I came home to. Dinner made by my Prince Charming. How cute is this....he made me a plate and put it in the oven. Love him!

THIS white belt is one you DO want. THIS white belt is one you DON'T want. Shop on my friends...shop on. Take some "be" time this weekend and don't forget to smile.
P.S. I'm totally eating ice cream straight from the carton right now. Life is sweet!

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Mandy said...

You seriously CRACK me up. I'm still laughing/crying about the maternity belt. I SO love that you started this fashion blog. I'm hooked and i enjoy your cute, fun and creative princess ideas.

P.S. I have to tell you that my mother in law bought me a mustard colored shirt....that sat in my closet. That is until I saw you pulling it off fantastically and decided to dust mine of and be brave. Turned out cute! You're a genius.

Much Love!!!