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Happy Monday princesses! Yep...a weekend attempt at potty training and it's not working. Will someone please save me from this torture? If I have to change another poopie diaper I think I'll poke my eyes out. Help princesses! Help! I'm just too tired. Is it wrong to be 12 and still in diapers?:) Told you my Lulu enjoys her special seeing eye goggles. Tutu and goggles sitting on the "throne"-a true princess. Hmmm...where to go next with this random weekend update.

Friday Wardrobe: My IT jeans. I LOVE THEM. Do yourself a favor and go grab yourself a pair. Brand-Big Star. Black on black and a colorful scarf. I am so lazy when it comes to my hair so lately I've been wearing this side pony messy bun thing. It probably looks hideous but I enjoy it now and again. Hey, I don't have to wash or brush my hair with this style. Just get up and go! Wooohooo!
Check out my two dudes mocking my above pose. Little twerps! I don't know why the pose. Running out of posing so I guess I'll get creative. Walk like an Egyptian baby!

Late-nite internet surfing. I want this rug from PB (pottery barn). It would look absolutely dapper in my sun room. It's on sale! Not on sale enough for me but I really want it! Maybe if my stinkin' hospital bill hadn't just arrived I would have considered. A new rug from Pottery Barn or removal of an ovary? Sucks I didn't get to choose. Welcome to life. I also ran into this baggy sweater jacket thing from Gap. Looks cozy! I don't shop Gap too much anymore. Since they got their new look a couple years ago I swear everything went up about $20 and that annoyed me. However in the 90's-I lived at Gap. I refuse to buy anything full price at Gap cuz eventually EVERYTHING in that store goes on sale. Shopping at this store for my childresn on the other hand is a whole other story. I just picked up this Junk Food T for Lucy-9.99 regularly 28.50!-Whatever! $30 bucks for a T for a 2 yr. old who's going to spill ketchup and gogurt all over it! Who remembers playing with Strawberry Shortcake? My friend had the WHOLE collection-spoiled brat! The nowaday ones just aren't the same. Miss you original 80's toys. By the way, I would totally wear this T in my size. Anyone wanna buy me one for Christmas? Santa also ordered THESE for Lulu. I had a pair of these when I was a tot. I'm sure I'll have to bribe her to wear them. Or call her Princess Pocahontas.

Welcome to poor kitchen planning on our part! The "main" kitchen utensil/knife/hold everything/always messy drawer is located right next to the stove. Who ever is hanging out by the stove is constantly getting a booty smack which means "Move it!"(Is that why my husband stands there so often? It's all making sense to me now:D) This weekend we officially named it the "butt drawer".
Kelson thinks it's pretty funny. We are such lame parents-teaching our kids to use the word butt. There's my IT jeans again.

I was up and ready to go at....

A.M. on Saturday. And this was for no shoe sale either!

But... for a haircut! Check out his rebel Mohawk. I'll have to post a pic the next time he styles his hair himself. A 1/2 bottle of hair goop and a proud smile. Precious!

Winterizing the wardrobe again. There is no way I can wear a short sleeved T in these parts in the winter. Who said you had to wear a solid colored thermal under your T? Love this Saturday chill look! There's my IT jeans AGAIN. Two days in a row now. If I were in high school that would be social suicide!~Wearing the same jeans twice in one week. EWW! Ed Hardy shirt...Nordstrom Rack! FYI: Norstrom Rack has had A LOT of Ed Hardy and True Religion stuff lately.

Martha Stewart wanna be Strikes Again!

I've been crafting again. What is wrong with me? Lucy was invited to a princess birthday party (that she slept through & I chose not to wake her. Mean mommy!) so I hand crafted some princess fancies (tutus and crowns). I really enjoy wrapping packages too. Anyone want to hire me for the Holidays? I'm available any time any day except 1:00am Christmas Day. I will be busy wrapping my own gifts at that time. Packaging Specialties is one of my favorite wrap product stores. Look how darling THESE little guys are! They also have cute tags. Their ribbon and paper selections is like a candy store for me. I want both of these papers. (pictured at right.)

A little Saturday night (and Sunday and probably Monday) delight. This ice cream is some love for the thighs. I'm pretty sure it's about 1200 calories per lick. These two flavors are sheer scooping enjoyment. Yes, it will kill you. Do NOT eat this brand straight from the carton. These cartons are too little. Before you know it you'll have eaten the whole darn thing and feel like crap.

Special Delivery for a Special Princess Named Pookie!
Norstrom Private Holiday Shopping Party entrance ticket-I can take a guest! Who wants to be my guest? Last year they served killer hot chocolate and shrimp cocktail. I love this event. They close the store down and only those with a ticket get to enter. There's carolers, live music, fancy nibbles and 10x1 on the Nordstrom rewards points~ SCORE!
Also got my issue of domino (house/style mag.-it's a good one. Quirky style, just like me) and an extremely generous thank you note. Thank you so much Shana. Your words meant a lot!

Princess Homework: When was the last time you wrote a thank you note to another princess?

P.S. Tomorrow's Trendy Tuesday is my favorite so far- So excited to share!


Shana Eberhard said...

love the blog! It's my entertainment of the day, if I wasn't soooo huge right now I'd take you up on the Nordstrom party! i can't wait to try on normal clothes again. I'd love to go shopping with you sometime.

annette said...

Hey - you probably already know this, but Ben 'n Jerry's comes in these great little single-serving cups, with a wooden spoon in the top.... Love 'em.

With the smaller container, it makes it a lot easier to get my tongue all the way to the bottom....

Lauri said...

What do you mean who wants to be your guest? Won't you need your photographer? I'm marking my calendar right now, oh wait I don't know the date yet ;-)

Urie's said...

I would like to shop along side you...Bagdadhi's just wasn't enough. Although Shop 13 to get some Shabomb pants could probably compare to the Private Holiday Shopping Party. Isn't that where we did our private holiday shopping in '96? Somehow I think you are going to have more fun this year without me -BUMMER. Will you give the ticket to the person that travels the furthest? I vote you take Mimi- bless her heart, bless Mia's heart too (literally). Thanks for the good laughs.