It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Rich Ruffles~! (Not the potato chips my friends!) Ruffles, ruffles everywhere, ruffles ruffles fun to wear. They're flirty, pretty and oh so princess like.This season you'll find them on shirt fronts, sweaters, scarves, bags, and even shoes! This week's trend is the ruffle. As I hunted for pics for this post I found myself wanting to spend money on all these sweet little stylish ruffles. For example... I want THESE I need these! Aren't they so fabulous? If someone out there buys these ruffle shoes I'll have to hurt you. Maybe I could justify buying them for all the Holiday parties I have to attend this season. Those of you having a Holiday party please invite me so that I can wear these shoes. I also must have THIS and THIS. So darn cute. I LOVE ruffles! I have always loved ruffles! They are so girlie. Watch the ruffle runway show HERE for trend setting proof. (I am especially fond of Rhianna's yellow dress and the green ruffle sweater.) Feast your eyes on these most adorable brown ruffle boots (below). Click HERE to see all the fine detail on these kittens. You know you wanna pair!
In need of a dress for the Holidays? Isn't everybody? Whether we need one or not, we all want one. Try on THIS (pic. below) feminine trendy wonder. For all my Mormon mommy's-wear a fitted black T underneath and you're sure to shine! Love it! Love it! Love it!

The black heels pictured are absolutely smashing as well!

Wondering where to start when it comes to wearing the ruffle? How about right HERE and HERE. Classic, clean, simple and versatile. (pic. below)

Maybe you want a ruffle that's not so practical , a little more sassafras and certainly affordable! You can find all of these hotty tops at TARGET

And last but not least, if you're a sweater person, THESE sweet little cardigans are oh so sweet. Not to mention a stellar price!

How does Princess Pookie prefer to wear ruffles? On her neckline with jeans, fancy shoes and simple accessories. Ruffles are an accessory. Let them have their moment.

If your husband is feeling left out because he doesn't have ruffles, show him THIS clip. Trust me, he'll change his mind in an instant. And then that means double the ruffles for you!

Thatsamyboy: "Mom, when do we get our November outfits? " My son asked me this today. They got October/Halloween outfits. Hence the question I assume.:)

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Urie's said...

Pookie, I love ruffles! My best ruffle find is a shirt from NPS, that I got for 50 cents! It has a high collar with ruffles. It is a shirt straight from the 70's with a tag that says "Lucky Woman", it is also 100% polyester. I feel like Jane Seymour in "Somewhere in Time" when I where it.