It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

It's A Pocahontas Princess

This weeks trend is totally out there and crazy fashion fun my princess friends. The head wrap! The first place I spotted one of these beauts was in line at the grocery store on Nicole Richie's head in a fashion magazine. The second I saw it I said to myself, "Self...you really need to try one of these out". So after many long days of strolling down the mall corridors and eating samples of orange chicken bites on a toothpick in the food court, I finally found an affordable match last weekend.

Where can you get one of these groovy bands for your own head? I got mine at Wet Seal~ $8.00 (along with another accessory for 1/2 price-I chose my gigantic black flower featured in my post from yesterday) or you can go HERE. Combine with a sexy pair of moccasins and the Obipookawa tribe (totally just made that up) will take you on a canoe ride. Papoose optional!

The Head wrap TEST try...Thanksgiving day is the PERFECT time to test one of these little babies out. When you show up to dinner and your annoying Aunt Thelma and crazy cousin Jim Bob start to make fun of you, you can tell them you dressed up for the day to honor the Indians. Either that or if it was me, I'd throw a dinner roll at them and say, "You're just a jealous fashion fakey wearing chick who sports mom jeans and white socks!" (Totally kidding, that was rude. But I would and DO sass right back to my jealous family members!)

Next on Princess Pookie's Head Gear List? I'm thinking I totally need THIS head wrap! You think I'm kidding don't you? I'm not! Those of you out there who clicked on that last link & know me are totally laughing right now and saying "Yep, that's Jo Dee for ya!" Right??

I rediscovered THIS cool beans website last night. Not only is it fabio stuff but it's called Lulu! They offer cutie head wraps as well! AND all these...

May you find PEACE as you shop for this weeks Trendy Tuesday find. Peace out princesses!

P.S. THIS long sleeved T is perfect to wear underneath any funky shorty sleeved T! COZY!


Lauri said...

I wouldn't doubt that big 'ol flower for a minute. And you would be the person that could pull it off! I'm not to sure about the pocohontas look myself but if you can pull it off I say go for it!

annette said...

HEY! I wore a headwrap today! A pocahontas one! Aarika's class had a Thanksgiving feast today and she came home with both a paper pilgrim bonnet and a paper headband with indian feathers on it. She handed me the indian hat and told me to put it on so I did.

........not quite what you had in mind, eh? Rest assured, I only wore it during the drive from the sitter to the house. Though... I totally would have worn it in public. C'mon! My baby made it! :D

Christy said...

Nicole is home for Thanksgiving, and is totally into the hippie look now....she loves sporting the headwraps, and made her own headwrap with feather! Her favorite store is Urban Outfitters.