You're Getting Something For Christmas!

First of all, I have to say even though I've had a blast reading your comments, I hate that I can't give everyone something for participating. Well, I guess I could but then I'd have to take back the pair of boots I just bought....hmm....no...sorry, I'll be keeping the boots!:)

#1: "Queen of Heart" Bracelet
Jenette said...
Ummm... I know this is silly but I want permanent hair-removal! (I just spent way too much time tweezing unwanted hair. I want it gone for good!) PS I love the music selection!
December 15, 2008 12:51 PM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: I'm with ya sista! And in more than one place! :D

#2: Totally Rad Music
Caroline said...
OHH dear I do have several bad gift stories. My husband while perfect in almost every other way is incapable of picking out a good gift. Its hard to say what the very worst one would be but if I had to choose I would say ....DRUM ROLL.... a Swifer Sweeper!!!! thats right ladies A SWIFER SWEEPER.So bad that years later i am laughing out loud writting this to you all. ps , this so so fun !!!!
December 16, 2008 10:15 PM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: A swiffer? You're kidding right? That is BAD! Please send your hubs to http://www.mrsprincesspookie.blogspot.com/ before next Thursday!

#3 Couture Head Wear
Anna said...
At Chick-fil-a they have this AMAZING chocolate chip peppermint shake. You are probably thinking ewe a shake from chick-fil-a but they are gooooooooood. Whenever I get one my mom doesn't want one because hello calories! She pretends to have just a sip of mine but next think I know it is gone.
December 17, 2008 5:18 AM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Chick-Fil-A shake?...nasty! But I know Anna's mom very well & this story is SO true! "No Thanks"...and then drinks the whole thing! Anna deserves the headband for putting up with her treat stealing Momma.

#4 Giggle LOVE Bracelet
Joee said...
lets think about this...I went to the U, my wedding revolved around red, and all my favorite outfits are red... I think I LOVE RED! My hubby likes green, but it takes a certain something to look good in green... p.s. we have a B going on at our house... If I didn't do the shopping I would get NOTHING! My hubby always claims that he has no time to shop, or think of gifts... cop-out!But, on the bright side, I do LOVE what I get myself every year!
December 18, 2008 9:45 AM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Joee deserves a little present for A) doing all the shopping and b) having a 1yr old who STILL doesn't sleep through the night! UGH...my heart aches for you.

#5 The Mystery Box!
Michelle said...
My ideal Christmas morning would be- to have the kids sleep in, make a yummy breakfast and enjoy being together. My husband went back on the ship tonight and will not be home for Christmas. Just having him home would be ideal for us!
December 19, 2008 8:58 PM

Princess Pookie Thoughts: Oh, nobody deserves to be without their Prince Charming on Christmas.

NOTE: If you are one of the above winning princesses please e-mail me your address to mrsprincesspookie@gmail.com! Or, if you didn't win and need to vent a little, e-mail mrprincecharming@gmail.com (I just made that up!)
Have a Very Merry Christmas Princesses!

P.S. From now until Jan. 5 I will not be posting consistently. I'll be enjoying my royal family. However, I'm sure now and again I'll have random this & that's to share so check back periodically if you'd like. And let us not forget to...Shop On!


Lauri said...

Congrats to all! You will love a Princess Pookie Special! I will be coming over and personally shopping in your jewlery closet since I didn't win however! JK!

Jenette said...

I am soooo excited that I won and I won the prize that I really wanted...bonus!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo excited !!!!! Thank you

caroline said...

ooops didnt mean to post from "Anonymous" I still mean it everything though , thank you

Julianna said...

Bummer. My Christmas is ruined. j/k..

Is that Joee as in Joee Morris?

Joee said...

YEAH! I can't wait to get something I didn't buy for Christmas!!!

And yes I am a MORRIS! or was, now I'm a Bartholomew!(I tried to get my hubby to take on Morris, so my hand wouldn't get sour signing my checks... instead he gave me a Credit card!)