It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

{Orla Kiely~designer}
What's In The BAG? The fashion world is on the brink of breaking into the new spring season and what an excellent time it is to reinvent your handbag department. Personally, I am a fan of shades of bright grass greens and yellows and canvas fabrics. They make a statement and add freshness to any outfit. Target, Old Navy and American Eagle carry fun and extremely affordable versions of spring totes. I'm enjoying the looks of THIS and THIS. Which one do you think I should consider~in my dreams?
Hint: If you find a designer handbag you like there are a lot of discount websites out there. I have EXCELLENT success with e-bay.

Click on the "HERE"s below and maybe you'll discover a spring tote to consider for yourself!

HERE ~I have one of these, love it!



This is a fun option HERE
or, if you've just won the lottery you could go with THIS version.

THIS is a great place to pick yourself up a unique bag you'll be sure to enjoy for the season. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Anthropologie? If I haven't...I LOVE Anthropologie. It says "You're a lovely little lady" to me. Handbag conclusion: There is absolutely NO reason for any princess out there to be toting a boring grandma handbag. If you are, couple it with Mom jeans and you're sure to feel great about yourself. AND, for those of you princesses out there who think you're too old to carry around a darling little sassy stylish bag...you're right~Bad Attitude Gal. You're only as old as you think you are!!

Do something for yourself this weekend. My Prince Charming always says "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Ain't that the truth.



Lauri said...

I LOVE the Juicy yellow bag! I love daisies and daffodils though. So bright and cheery. Especially when living in Washington is the winter.

Lauri said...

OK just saw the blue bag. Cute and all but it's made out of calf, lamb and kangaroo. Ewww. Not so cute.