It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Bowling in Style!

Happy Martin Luther King Day! What does one do when everyone has the day off? Go bowling of course. Stylish shoes, sweaty {PINK} bowling balls and smelly old men with bad breath eating fake nacho cheese while competing in the 9am daily bowling league. What more could you ask for? We have been promising Kels a bowling trip for months now so we finally took some time to fulfil his life long dream. Sure...we had fun but spending time together is always fun and a GREAT "trend" to add to your life. If I were a professional bowler, I'd totally be getting myself a pair of THESE.

Let's take a vote. Who has better form? Mrs. Princess Pookie or Mr. Prince Charming?

Next time I go bowling I'm totally signing up for the "bumper" option! Let's just say I'm a much better shopper than bowler!

Well, I don't think we have to worry about Lucy wanting to being a professional bowler when she grows up. Phew!:D

Across the street from the bowling alley is one of our favorite restaurants. They serve some mean whole wheat pancakes and Monti Crisco sandwiches. Whenever we go here Kels eats...and eats....and eats. He devours the blueberry Swedish pancakes. Hey...pot roast~ $8.99!

Here's Lulu's current "trend". Wearing the spare panties on her head. Should I be worried?

Trendy Tuesday Tip Conclusion: Find time this week to spend some time with your family (preferably not in front of the TV) and...make it a weekly TREND!
It's inauguration day! What will you be wearing to the ball?


annette said...

My kids love LOVE to bowl. I don't really get why they get SO EXCITED (I mean, it is fun... but they get hyper!) but ok... We are moving our bodies and that's a good thing. We have lots of good memories with that - Caleb's 6th birthday party at the bowling alley overseas for starters... Bowling certificates are one of the things I like to get in place of candy for (Christmas stockings, Easter baskets, whatever occasion). And ALWAYS bumpers. One of these days we are going to do cosmic bowl. But they usually do it late on date-nights... so...

Last time I went bowling, I saw a guy - pretty serious bowler, unlike me the Jerry Lewis of bowling who actually *fell down* that trip - he had a see-thru acrylic ball with a skull inside! I liked it. His kids had their own special balls too (keepin' it in the fam, love it!).

And I'm wearing royal blue scrubs to the ball... Work it....

Lauri said...

Poor Dylan has never been "real" bowling before. Only Wii bowling. Whenever we try to go there is always league and we can bowl. We talked last weekend about trying to figure out when there is open bowling so we can take the kids.

Dylan and Papa had a "hat" club where they would wear their underwear on their heads. I don't which one was funnier, Papa or Dylan! They both eventually ourgrew it but the pictures I captured are priceless, and great black mail pics! ;-)

And too the ball? Tan pants that are about 2 sizes too big (I REALLY need go pants shopping)and a styling black YMCA shirt. I am so fashionable!

The Henricksen Journal said...

The ball? Uhhh... Where's the ball?

We went to the zoo. Cold, but so much fun. The polar bears are VERY active when it is cold. They were play fighting yesterday. Scary, yet fun. I highly suggest an outing there with the kiddos.

Jenette said...

Matthew and I love to go bowling... We aren't very good at it but it is fun to people watch there... Youcan find some pretty interesting people at the bowling alley.