Happy 100th Post!

(If I was savvy I'd know how to add my pic. to the Smucker's jar.)

100 Of My Fashionista Fashion-ish Favorites.....

SHOES~chunky accessories~fake eyelashes~Target~MAC cosmetics~red handbags~Juicy Couture~bows~headbands~funky colored tennies~NORDSTROM~nail polish~NATURAL BEAUTY~pink toothbrushes~Sephora~spring shopping~good butt jeans~sexy heels~Betsey Johnson~basic black~cute bras~clearance racks~shoe sales~ribbon~big watches~vintage T's~Origins ginger scent~KINDNESS~dangle earrings~Forever 21 prices~on-line shopping~teeth whitening~cute breath mints~purple eyeshadow~ lip gloss~bobby pins~green patent~oversized rings~body butters~coconut scents~black ponytail ties~hats~SMILING~raincoats~comfy flip flops~peep toe pumps~Boden~facial moisturizer~fake tan products~occasional tanning salon trips (yes, bad I know)~red shoes~ruffles~smoothies while shopping~little black dresses~leather boots~rainboots~Uggs~pearl earrings~diamond earrings~summer skirts~perfect white T~perfect black T~GOOD ATTITUDES~shopping for a vacation~fancy hosiery~dinner dates~hand creams~good customer service~perfect eyebrow wax~good hair days~yummy massages~shopping with NO children~Burt's Bees lip balm~Ed Hardy perfume~lunch dates~getting dressed up~taking time for you~perfectly tinted lipstick~SELF CONFIDENCE~ blush~Bobbi Brown products~Philosophy 3 in 1 body washes~Nordstrom Anniversary Sale~shopping while on vacation~Anthropologie~magazines and hot cocoa~closet clean outs~cute cozy sweats~SERVING~warm socks~Benefit cosmetics~toe tapping tunes while shopping~honest sales people~thoughtful jewelry~Marshall's~fun scarves~cute wallets~GNO (girls night out)~a GREAT laugh~true Happiness

A big royal THANK YOU to all of you in cyber world who have taken precious moments out of your busy lives to read my bog. Despite my non-journalist background, numerous typos and fashion opinion bluntness, I hope you have enjoyed reading. Here's to 100 more!

Like I always say~To both good fashion and bad~shop on princesses...shop on!

Have any topic requests you'd like me to cover? Leave a comment and I'll be sure to inlcude it in a future post. Want more house stuff or are you bored that subject cuz I could go on and on and on! :D


Julianna said...

Cute post! I love the house stuff. I'm so bored with mine right now. I need refreshing!

Heather said...

I love the house stuff too, Im always looking at fun and new ideas. I miss coming over to your house and seeing your cuteness all around.