It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You DARE?

Won't you be my neighbor?
(Have you ever tried to attempt the Mr. Rogers shoe toss?)
A Cardigan~ One thing I never leave home without! NEVER! With a life span of over 150 years, the classic cardigan trend seems to never die. They can be found in more styles than your little princess brain can imagine and their versatility is the BOM. From long, belted, 3/4 sleeves, patterned and cropped you'll be sure to find the perfect cardigan to match your perfect style. They are EVERYWHERE and are truly a staple to any wardrobe!

Why A Cardigan?
1. They add color and interest to ANY outfit.
2. Versatility~dress up, dress down, dress all around.
3. You'll be ready for weather changes.
4. They assist in turning your summer duds into winter studs!
Last but certainly no least...
5. You'll look extra "special"~thanks Mr. Rogers

I like THIS and THIS cardigan!

Last week in my Boden post I pointed out the sweater on the left {$78}. I found the one on the right at Target {24.99}. I know it's not the same but a $50 difference for a similar look...I'll take it. I'm thinking about swapping the buttons to something a little more funky. Knit a sweater- that I cannot do. Sew on sassy buttons-I'm all over it.
"She pulled on...a favorite black cashmere
cardigan sweater that had been washed
and worn so many times
it felt like a child's security blanket
around her." ~Tami Hoag

Here's a little trip down memory lane for ya. Pay attention to how SMOOTH Rogers is at the shoe toss! (Don't forget to press pause on the music player at bottom of blog.)
There ya have it. Feeling a chill? Go fetch yourself a cardigan!

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annette said...

I think I still have the "signed" Mr. Rogers postcard you sent me years ago when we used to write snail-mail to each other... (Back before it was called "snail-mail"... lol)

I'm old. I'm having anniversaries of my 29th birthday.

(I always thought "Mr. McFeely" was a creepy name for a dude.)