Weekend Randomness!

Ta Da! I did it! I finished the secret bathroom project before hubs got home and WE love it. I'm so excited that it's finally done to my liking and not sitting in BLAH land any more. I have always been a fan of silly Seussical things so thank you PBK for making this line just for me...and the rest of the world...to enjoy.

I bought the shower curtain, a bath towel and a hand towel at Pottery Barn Kids and then found the rest at other LESS expenseive places. The rug & yellow towel came from Target clearance rack! Go Target!

And the winning color is...BLUE! I decided to use "rick rack" RED for the scallops around the top. YES...I hand painted all those scallops myself! I should totally win an award. :D Instead of spending all my lunch money on THIS PBK art, I created the artwork above by cutting up a Dr. Seuss book and using a frame from Ikea. {$15ish}

PBK towels and more artwork from the cut up book (black frame).

The Cat in the Hat piece of artwork (above) will most likely be replaced by a quirky Dr. Suess quote made from vinyl lettering and then that artwork's new home will be above the hand towel rack. Along with.....

a black clock similar to this. Well, ONE project down and about 895 more to go! However, I'm very grateful that this one turned out to my liking so that no more time, energy, or money will be wasted!

Moving On...

Nice to meet SHOE! I pulled these babies out this weekend and they seem to always be a hit when I wear them. However, the last time I wore these a little princess at church came up to me and started petting them and said, "Poor Giraffie". :( I ordered these on line from Hanna Andersson-clearance! I totally dig all their clogs for all ages. THESE are adorable (for me) and THESE are darling (for mini me-Lulu).

Litte Lulu...
Here is Lucy's latest and greatest fashion. Her "swim cap" as she calls it. She hates for her baby dolls to be dressed but, she loves to wear her baby doll clothes on her head. Don't ask, I don't know!

These little totes certainly spell it out loud and clear don't they?! Normally I would snatch one of these suckers up but due to the 2009 Princess Pookie "crap" rule, I passed them by. Not that they're "crap" but come on, would I really use it?

FIVE things I could have done without this weekend:

1) The BIG Mac I chose to eat Friday night~UCK~what was I thinking ?

2) Spilled milk (thank you Kelson)

3)Spilled milk AGAIN (thank you Lucy)~in my world there will be no such thing as beverage spilling!

4. The GREEN belt I picked up at Target-not so cute!

5. $75 trip to the grocery store to pick up rolls. Hate that! However, included in that $75 bucks I did get the February issue of REAL SIMPLE~A lovely little treat for myself. Oh, and some mint chocolate chunk Ben & Jerry's ice cream~another lovely little treat for myself. Do you have a favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor?

Make the most of your MARVELOUS Monday!


Lauri said...

$75? You got off cheap! But I understand how you go for 1 thing and it turns,rather quickly, into $75. Between Costco and the regular grocery store we racked up about a $300+ bill this weekend. Yikes! But at least we have a few things to eat now.

I forgot you had those boots. Still so cute. And the bathroom looks great. I was thinking about you yesterday wondering if you got it done or not. That was while I was spray painting a bench red

Sara said...

LOVE the bathroom....of course!!!
Well done, Well done!