It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

PEACE, Love and Happiness

And just like everything else, it has once again returned. In my lifetime I believe this symbolic sign made its debut during my junior high years. Remember that Washington D.C. trip I took in the 8th grade that I mentioned a couple posts back~"red" fanny pack ring a bell? Well I believe one of the souvenirs I came home with was a bitty pair of peace earrings. In fact, about a month ago I found them in my jewelry box! Anyway, PEACE fights back. Especially when it comes to accessories. From bangles to rings and from petite to oversized you can't walk into an accessory department without PEACE flashing in your eyeballs.

I gotta be honest. I’ve never really thought of myself as the hippieish type (aside from the crazy fun headbands that squish my brain) and I certainly tend to prefer solid over tie dye—but how can I not support such socially-conscious fashion? My latest PEACE purchase...oversized hammered silver earrings~TJ Maxx $16.99. TJ's has had A LOT of darling little PEACE sign accessories. They currently have a ring similar to the one on the right for $10! I want it but that would be a little too matchy matchy for me!:D So, I DARE YOU! Find your inner PEACE and show it off by wearing it proudly on your finger, wrist, neckline, or lobes. Even Tiffany & Co. dares! Just PLEASE don't pair it with tie dye or Birkenstocks! Thanks!

PEACE out sistas!

P.S. I mentioned give aways last week...they will start next week in honor of Mom's day. I was thinking Mom's day was this week. Maybe we could celebrate it twice!


Lauri said...

I love peace signs but don't think I have any currently. When I was in Junior High I had a pair of purple & pink heart shaped peace sign earrings. Oh they were so cool. I have to make a trip to Target today, perhaps I will check those out!

Julianna said...

How dare you knock tie dye and/or birkenstocks!!! You know I love all three. :) Remember the stapled fake birks??