It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Isn't FASHION fabulous when it's FRIDAY! Who doesn't adore FRIDAY? Pair it with a stellar outfit and you're bound to have a great start to your weekend. It's been a while since I've taken scary pictures of myself wearing my fashions so wait no more. "They're Back!":D Be scared, very scared.

(No...not the maxi pad.)

Whether willowy or wide, skinny or short; no matter what your frame, every princess can feel feminine and glamorous in a versatile, always comfortable maxi dress!

Do's Of The Maxi Dress (just my silly opinion):
~Be careful with the cut and length. There is such thing as a too long maxi dress! Clue: if it gets caught in the escalator at the mall, it's too long!
~Wear with a T or tank underneath. Nobody likes to see TMB (too much boobie:D).
~Accessorize with longer length necklaces, chunky bracelets or an embellished headband. OR if you're really brave, a scarf on your head. Funky fun!
~Pair with an oversized handbag.
~If pairing with heels keep them girly, not too lumpy. If pairing with flip flops, again, watch the length!
~Buy a black one! You can't ever go wrong with BLACK~the flab disquiser!
~ Make sure your maxi dress skims the bod, not clings to the bod!
~and...DO wear it out casually (park, play date, grocery shopping, etc.). You'll never wear it if you save it just for those special occasions!

You'll love a dress like this but don't buy it from someone who looks like this crazy girl!
Ooh...now this is a bit of a sultry pose. I dare you to mess with me.

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Have I mentioned lately that I'm obsessed with accessories?
Conclusion: Maxi dress+hair accessory+flip flops= PURE comfortable, sexy fashion! Check your local Target for several extremely affordable Maxi dresses.

Fridays Are Fabulous!
P.S The B.P. department at Nords has a great black one for $58.

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annette said...

I love mine. :) I saw a friend at church today, she looked GREAT in her maxi! She has a curvier figure, and she carries her curves lower on her body (um, in her ankles...) and she looked SMOKIN' in her maxi dress!