Mrs. Princess Pookie's Social Calendar

Come back weekend. I'm not done!
Lots of sun (yay!), projects (never ending), cleaning (maid?), family (xoxo), friends (good times).
You decide. Yoga "cobra" pose or yet another tantrum?

Mattress Ranch~"luxury" outlet...hmm?
Little Lulu got her big girl bed this weekend. (It's darling~pics to come, I have to repaint her whole room first~yipee-that was sarcastic!) So, that called for a trip to the one and only Mattress Ranch. If you live in my part of the world then many of you will be familiar with the Mattress Ranch commercials. You know, the one where the crazy old man wears a Sponge Bob tie & a pleather vest and dances. What that has do to with mattresses...I'm not sure. RANDOM! But, I have to admit, they had the best prices. For those of you who aren't local, view THIS. It will make you chuckle.

And my toothless wonder has a breakthrough. Big teeth are on their way. I'm not ready! I adore the missing front tooth look. Stop growing my little man!

Make your Monday count!
What will you be doing this week?


Jenette said...

I think it is the Cobra pose--that looks like a no trantrum zone ;)

annette said...

I gotta change my oil this week......

That's a great cobra pose. I didn't know they had yoga for toddlers in WA....

Sara said...

I didn't think little girls had tantrums?


Can't wait to see little princess pookie Jr's bedroom....I need some ideas for my little monster:)