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What a great way to start a weekend. I found $2 bucks in my pocket. It will barely buy a pack of gum but hey, it was $2 bucks I didn't know I had! Maybe I should put it in the aviator sunglasses fund.:D

Thank you MR. SUN, my BFF #2, for showing your face this weekend. I really needed it. Ahhh....

I'm a soccer mom!

Now that's serious action! First game of the season.

Sweaty buddy soccer head.

Lucy was totally into the game...obviously!

Congratulations Myles!
Please forgive us for having to miss all the festivities! Get this...in the last three years my sis-in-law and bro-in-law bought a house, had two kidos and finished law school with an MBA on the side. Now that's what I call an accomplishment! AMAZING!
(My bro-in-law graduated from law school this weekend!)

So, this ends the marvelous Mom's day gift week of menus but it ended with a bang. My Prince took me to THIS swanky new restaurant (If you live in G.H. try it! You won't be disappointed!) and to THIS movie. He even made the arrangements for the babysitter! I'm convinced that date nights are vital to a healthy relationship! Then why don't we do it more often?:D

My aha weekend moment!
There are chances for work all around just now, opportunities right in our way, do not let them pass by, saying, "Sometime I'll try," but go and do something today.

Have I done Any Good in the World Today~Hymn #223

No pretending. Last week was not a fabulous week. How thankful I am to be able to move forward, make better choices and look forward to a new day/week. The lines in this Hymn can be interpreted SO many ways. For me, on this particular day, I am reminded to take my talents (whatever they may be:D) and go help someone else in need. May we all find what our "Do something today" is this week and act upon it. Happy Monday princesses!

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annette said...

Ooooo.... I saw that flick this weekend too. Goood! I read the book a few months ago, so I sat there and compared the movie to the book the whole time. Actually, they did alright with the conversion. There wasn't a whole lot taken out. :)