Are We There Yet?

Random thoughts one has while driving 700 miles at 4:12am in the morning!

~Hope the dishwasher doesn't stink when I get back.
~Did that lady at Target give me my change?
~Someday I think I'll call the "How's my driving" phone # on the back of a truck.
~Kel's was right, the hot dog he had for lunch was a weird color.
~I really don't want to have to buy a new computer; did I pay the Comcast bill?
~Stay awake...stay awake...stay awake.
~Is this the right way? (accidentally took a detour through downtown Boise-whoopsie!)
~What is SPAM anyway?
~Is that pooh I'm smelling? (while crossing the Oregon/Idaho border:D)
~I hope our new renters don't call us while on vacation.
~I'm going to be careful in the sun at Powell this year. I'm getting lots of moles in my old age.
~99 bottles of beer on the wall
~I could eat some shrimp cocktail right now.
~My toe hurts.
"Hello...God...I promise I won't display any negative feelings towards any family member during my stay if you'll make my children sleep for the next 5 hours." Deal?

Get This: We were standing in a gas station staring like zombies at the crap food and Jeron in a panicked voice says, "Where's Lucy?" Umm...he was holding her! Lil' bit loony!!
Cool Tune! Download This: Our vacation roadtrip song~ Five Years Time by Noah & The Whale


Lauri said...

Yes you guys are crazy but for your sakes I hope the kids slept the whole time! I LOVE the banana picture. Too funny!! Have a great time and I'll have to have the kids over when you get back so you guys can go on a date and relax from your "vacation"

annette said...

I have some patients who guage road trips not by how many miles, but by how many movies. They tell their kids, "This is a 2 movie trip" or "This is a 5 movie trip." LOL

Night time is the only time to drive with kids. I hope everything goes smoothly! I haven't done that trip since Caleb was a baby. Aye yie yie....

Jenette said...

FYI: SPAM is spiced ham ;)
You are a brave person to be driving all that way.

Mandy said...

Oh I love the "is that pooh I'm smelling?" Happens every time I visit Idaho.

Have a fantabulous time surrounded by loads of love from family.....and happy road tripping.