It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Looks like it's TIME to go shopping!
White Watches: They're fresh, bright and fun and come in a plethora of shapes and styles for the season. BONUS: They will also match everything in your wardrobe~whitey tighty's included! My love affair with the white watch trend came when I spotted THIS watch in the case at Nords. Every time I walked by it called my name and begged my to take it home. Until recently, I avoided trying it on because I knew it would be match made in heaven. But then I cracked. While shopping at the 1/2 yearly sale my will power failed me and I just had to have the sales associate pull it out of the case so I could admire its glow up close. I almost cracked again and bought it but then came to my senses. A $200 {plastic} watch?! Get a life~there are starving children in Africa. Not to mention my own children would have to starve if I bought it. Anyway, I won't lie. I still want the Juicy watch. It's much more neato than the cheapo version I picked up at Target (pic above). But I am a true believer of only buy what you can afford. Financing a watch...ridiculous. Settling for the $12.99 from Target, sensible! Even though its not branded with a designer signature, I still think its dainty thin band and oversized face is cute. AND...it's paid for!

LOOKIE HERE: Here are some more white watches for you to admire. I'm really glad I picked one up for myself. It has been a fun addition to the watch collection. And, when the band turns nasty I won't feel bad about chucking it.

White Watch Warning: Ones with rubber-like bands turn icky in color fast!
Happy White Watch Browsing!
P.S. If someone out there spots my white Juicy watch on sale, you better let me know!:D

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