Oh Geez...
I quit.
Motherhood is freakin hard.
I'm tired.
My nerves are shot.
No mood to smile here.

My house is a wreck.
Positive tude's in the trash.

My children are driving me nutty.
Endless "To Do" list awaits.
Hmm...and life still continues goes on.

I called my BFF to whine to her for a moment about my so-called life and you know what she said? "Tomorrow's a new day." I told her to shut up!:D

Yup, tomorrow is certainly a new day. Big deep breaths.

p.s. The Dollar Store apparently just got a lifetime supply of Douches in case you're out! Oh.... I think I just found my smile. And you? Douche...there's a word for ya.


Lauri said...

Love ya :-)

douche is as funny as fart and platypus

annette said...

What a coinkidink. I just heard the word "douchebag" today. I don't think I have heard that since I was thirteen. One of my patients was watching E.T. while I was cleaning their teeth, it was said on there.

Motherhood is rough. C'mere and let me pat you and say, "Awwww....." You are going to live through it, and so are your kids (maybe...). I scrapped everything today, no chores got done. It was day one of my 7 week belly dance class. I have my priorities. ;) And my kids got to hang with their favorite sitter who is moving away. Everyone was happy. Who cares about a little dirt?

Rebecca Parker said...

totally agree with above comments except i'm obviously ignoring my kids by looking @ fun blogs instead...not to mention middle of day instead of after they're in bed?! either way, i either don't pay attention to them or my husband, so can't win for personal time & too cheap to pay for babysitter unless something i have to do-know what i mean? enough o' my venting-suffice it to say, that i totally understand & not sure i'm a fan of summer for that reason that we actually might do better with routine-ugh! anyway, chris also likes that word so passed along to him:) my challenge is to enjoy the season that i'm in incl no money & crazy boys!