Why does my house smell like a fart?
Why am I using the word fart? (We use "toot"!)
Why does the word fart still make me laugh as a grown woman?
Why does my son think farting is the funniest thing on the face of the planet?
Why is it that when men fart we think it's disgusting and when women fart we giggle?

I'd much rather "fart" around than deal with the realities of my life right now!

Hope everything SMELLS pretty in your life today! Wallflowers are on sale at Bath and Body Works!

My Favorite Wallflowers Scents: Blissful Blackberry (everyone comments on this one who comes to my house), cinnamon stick and french vanilla. Check the $4 ones HERE. Fresh Lemonade is an excellent scent as well!

Do NOT buy THIS one. Barfola headacheness city!

SYTYCD Update: Johnathan and Karla dancing to Falling Slowly by The Frames choreographed by Stacy Tooty ROCKED MY WORLD last night! AMAZING stuff princesses!! The week prior...Kupono and Ashley~crash dummy dance~choreographed by Wade Robson (one of my FAVORITE choreographers!!!!) I'm pretty sure in the next life I'm going to be able to dance like that.:D

P.S. Good news, so far so good on the computer. We'll see what tomorrow brings?!

P.S.S. I love how I did a whole week's worth of posts for Mom's Day and have yet to even mention Father's Day. Whoops...stay tuned...I guess.

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annette said...

I ate baked beans last night at dinner. 'Nuff said. At least my kids ate them too, so as we ran around town finding geocaches this evening, our dialogue was punctuated with, "Guilty." "Guilty." etc.

Probably more info than you wanted.