My ever-so fashionable niece reports to us directly from L.A. on the following fashion icon:

ADVERTISEMENT: While experimenting with going bagless, you’ve discovered that ankles are liable to blister when subjected to loose change-filled socks and that the coffee guy is under obligation to accept all forms of payment — even the soggy $20 he watched you fish from your sports bra. (Aw, he’s blushing.)
The logical next step? Cap-sac, the fanny pack for your head.
In an array of cheerfully blinding bright colors and ever-sophisticated black, the nylon toppers look like sporty old baseball basics but have a sturdy zippered pouch up front for stashing whatever pocket-size items you want to carry on your person.
Now you can jog with ease knowing your once-jangly car keys are squared away, shield your lip balm from sand and your face from sun at the beach, or stash beer money at your next outdoor show.
That’s using your noggin.
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NOTE: This was copied directly from THIS website. Find the city near you and sign up for it. It's fun!
My niece and I will be getting matching ones for our vacation together in July. Aren't they just marvelous? Stylish, hands-free, SUN protective shopping! Now that's what I call CLEVER!:D


Mimi said...

Lovely INDEED!! I can totally see you wearing this... in pink of course. ;-)

How did the fashion world go this long without coming out with another part of the body to accessorize with a fanny pack!

Miss your face!!

Lauri said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking a big fat no to this one! Can you imagine have your keys in there? It would probably knock me out. OK my key aren't that heavy but it would surely jingle jangle the whole time and drive me nuts!! But clever I suppose. I wish we could just take a quick jont to Paris...In my dreams ---sigh---

Pam said...

Hmm. I'm not sure which is worse - the fanny pack or this! I could see some serious neck problems on the rise depending on what one decides to hide away in the nifty cap sack. BTW, I'm going to send you an invite to my blog. Yes - things really have progressed that much between us! :-) Since the sun hat, 'n all.