Let Freedom Ring

Let me just cut to the chase...

Why I don't favor the 4th of July:
1. Fireworks!
2. Money spent on fireworks
3. Traffic after the fireworks
4. Matching 4th Of July T-shirts from Old Navy:D
5. Pyromaniac husbands
6. Burned feet~Who hasn't ever burned their toe on a firework? Why would one put shoes on to light fireworks?
7. Chunks of firework debris flying at your face
8. "America" by Neil Diamond~However, it's fun to perform dramatic hand motions while it's playing!
9. Loud booms until 3am
10. Sparklers...Someone ALWAYS gets burned.

So Bah Hum Bug from me and...

Happy 4th of July to you!
We're going to the Stadium of FIRE tonight (big Utah thing) and the Jonas Brothers are performing. I've been rehearsing their moves all week long so that I can dance along.
p.s. In case you were wondering, the Jonas Brothers are NOT good!:D

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Lauri said...

Wow, a little harsh aren't you? We atayed home this year. It was a good thing mostly. I am actually one of those people that don't mind crowds and like to people watch. But the kids had fun and we watch the neighbors light off their big fireworks. Missing you!