Tourist Time

Where in the world is Princess Pookie?
Free bag of potatoes if you guess right!

Not that sportin' the tourist look is a bad thing but if you are under age 60 may I suggest not testing this look. Wearing capri's and tube socks just doesn't make sense to me. Is showing 1.5" inches of skin really that much cooler (as in temp.) than just throwing on pants? I don't think so.:D

Yesterday while out jogging the pleasant farm rodes in Rigby, Idaho I swear I saw the REAL Napoleon Dynamite. This dude was just casually cruizin' around on his 10 speed. Later while driving into town I'm pretty sure I saw his buddy Pedro. I'm not kidding~Hilarious!!

I believe this is still the #1 hair style in Idaho.
For some reason the cowgirls can't let their 1985 hair dos die. Thin, permed and bleached blond~sexy combonation.

Please Note: I have very deeps roots in Idaho-who I adore. However, this city girl will always and forever poke fun of it. I just can't help it. :D

Peace out...Off to Utah!


Mimi said...

YELLOSTONE!! Old Faithful...right?

I wish I was "off to Utah."

I can't believe you posted a picture of my high school picture- RUDE! Just kidding... mine wasn't THAT bad, but close. Actually that hair was a little before my time, but I did fall prey to the CLAW for more years than I care to admit.

I can't believe you are going to miss the princess b-day party of the year!! S000 sad! I won't be the same without princess pookie.

Mimi said...

Oh- and last night did you watch SYTYCD??? That choreographer was TOTALLY wearing one of your bracelets... did you see it?

annette said...

Whew. I'm SO glad I had my hair straightened, chopped, and dyed before we hung out. Just-in-time.

Lauri said...

You are at some place with water shooting straight out of the earth, where people are in a time warp and where they have contests for celebrity look a-likes?