Entertaining Delights

A little late nite surfing at potterybarn.com

Pretty cake stand.
Even makes Aunt Wanda's nasty crap fruit cake taste good. Okay so maybe not but at least it can be displayed pretty! Mmm...

Name cards...little cuties.
And since you make the assignments, you won't have to sit by hairy chest guy who has chronic halitosis, a hideous comb over and farts at the dinner table.
Wait a minute, who invited hairy chest guy anyway?

Beverages sure to impress!
I'm pretty sure every hostess must have a beverage dispenser. I'm not kidding. Just put water in it with lemon, strawberries and fresh mint and you will win the Hostess of the Year award.

I must have one of these!

AND...Someday I shall have a front porch that looks like this!

I'm sure most of you are familiar with PB prices~ouch! You can find satisfactory versions of all these pretty things for 1/2 the price at stores like Target (of course), TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Just to name a few.
Happy Entertaining!


Lauri said...

I'll take 1 of each and couple you just come over and decorate seasonally for me? Thanks, you are such a great friend...

Mandy said...

I am dieing to get a cake stand right now. I saw one at Walmart ( don't worry girls. I only went to walmart because NO ONE else had canning supplies ) for 10 bucks!!!

Cute, cute name stands and love the beverage dispenser.....I must invest for myself.