Gitty Up Partner

Ridiculously impractical in every way!

And they make their big debut. I'm quite certain I'm not the type of girl who is worthy to wear cowboy boots. Cow pies, Wranglers, country music and big bad Dodge trucks really aren't my style. However, I think it's pretty safe to assume that hot pink cowboy boots from Nords aren't particularly intended be used for horseback riding, barrel racing or county line dancing at the local bar. Regardless of their true purpose (pure fashion cuteness for me:D)...I LOVE my silly boots!
Cowgirl Conclusion: It's true. Cowboy boots really are comfortable!
(These were my Nords Anniversary sale purchase. My sis found them just in time! They sold out quickly. Who would have thought?)

BTW: I want THESE to be my next pair of cowboy boots. If anyone out there finds them for 90% off would you please let me know!

Paired with my Lucky Girl necklace I'm ready for the rodeo!

Do you want your own Lucky Girl necklace? They just might make a debut in my Etsy store. Stay tuned.

Have a howdy doody of a week!

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Lauri said...

Have a howdy doody of a day to you was well youngin' Love the necklace well and the boots of course. But I am partial to anything pink and impratical!