It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

My Boyfriend's Back!

First boyfriend jeans then the boyfriend sweater. Next? The boyfriend blazer. An oversized, slouchy jacket that keeps you oh-so-cozy on a chilly night. And rumor has it that it potentially has even more appeal if you actually steal it from your guy's and/or if you're me-husband's closet. Which, in a sense is completely retarded because the majority of the female population would look ridiculous wearing "our guy's" blazer! My suggestion: Go out and buy your own!

How should you wear it? Try the following:
A) Leggings
B) Slim denims
C) Pencil skirts

Accessorize with chains and you're good to go.

I just might be able to get in to this trend. Stretchy pants and a big fat blazer. Comfy! And guaranteed not to look frumpy if paired with an amazing pair of shoes like THESE. I tried them on. So cute!
Warning: Make sure you've just waxed your girlstache before attempting this trend.
P.S. THIS dress from the new Kate Spade line is absolutely delightful!

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