It's Been Real~Summer '09 Memories

Peace out summertime. We'll catch ya next year.

Dear Mr. DP,

Thank you so much for being there for me this summer. For getting me through all those road trips, late nights with family and friends and headaches due to going to bed too late, waking up too early, too much sun, fighting children, etc. You've been a nice drug but I have to say good bye.


Mrs. Princess Pookie

(BTW: For the record, I can count on one hand, okay maybe two, FINE...you win, 3 hands how many times I actually drank this tasty crap. What can I say, It's the miracle energy drink for me.)


Lauri said...

Goodbye DO huh?! Remember it is recital year! :-) You might want to hold off on the goodbye and maybe see ya later! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! Glad you guys had such a great summer and that at least we got to hang out a little bit!

annette said...

I'm sipping on a cute little mini 12 oz. bottle of Diet DP right this very moment. Ahhhh....! I would drink it every day if... um... ok, I would take it in an I.V., thanks. :)

Ok, not really. I do like it that much, but I like it to be a "treat" and not a "need". lol So... just an occasional fix. :)