Fancy Fingers For ME

Check it out! I finally took some time to visit this really amazing salon and do something for myself. The name of the salon was Kitchon Princess (aka my kitchen). Princesses, you have to try these crazy nails out. These ain't no Lee Press-Ons that's for sure! Speaking of Lee Press-On nails. My fifth grade teacher use to wear them and we'd find them on the floor in the classroom. Hee hee!

Anyway...I read about these in a magazine and everything they said about them is TRUE. No one (my peeps) could tell that they weren't done in a professional salon. No one! Even after examining up close. They were super easy to apply (note: use lots of pressure to get all air bubbles out), I did it all by myself- even my right hand-and for about $6 I had pretty fingernails. I picked my set up at Target but you can get them in any drug store. They are extra thin (not nearly as chunky as the acrylics you get at the salon) and come in several lengths and sizes. I wore mine for about four days and then they came right off. For a quick little pick-me-up you gotta try these out. I got the glue-on ones. They do come in stick-on but I didn't want to chance it.:D Brand: KISS

First Day of School
I meant to post these long ago.

These two little twerps kissed and made up. Ya know, the pic from yesterday? The one on my son's door that you all thought was his way of telling me to "bug off". That little love note was for his sister because he needed some "alone" time. Gees, I wonder where he's heard that before?

Conclusion: Find some "alone" time and turn your nails into wonderous works of art!


sarah said...

I've done the toe's of those and LOVED them!! I'll have to try the finger ones out- you'll have to let me know how long they last. -

annette said...

My ex-mother-in-law lost a press-on nail in the cheesy potatoes at my wedding brunch a million years ago.

Yikes. I have often wondered who found the thing....