It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

{click pic for a trip to my Etsy shop}

It's Give Away Day!
It's Fabulous Fashion Friday and you don't even have to spend a dime! I want to give a little piece of fabulous away to you in honor of my Etsy shop makeover. I have FINALLY updated my shop and I would love to share some Mrs. Princess Pookie love. One of my Lulu Couture necklaces could be yours for FREE! All ya gotta do is click on over to MY SHOP, take a peek and leave me a comment (on this post) telling me what what ya think of the remodel. Easy peasy! If you are the lucky winner you will get to pick any Lulu Couture necklace you'd like. Winner will be announced first thing Monday morn. If you really want to help Mrs. Princess Pookie out, steal the above pic, post it to your blog and tell your royal clan about the give away. It will make your tiara shine extra bright this weekend~hee hee! THANKS!
BTW: I wear these silly necklaces myself. You don't have to have a three year old mini princess to enter.:D
Happy weekend...Happy shopping!
P.S. I have lots more necklaces in stock. More to be posted over the weekend.


Julianna said...

I love the remodel. I was looking at your shop yesterday. Cute stuff!!! I love your displays, you are so creative!

annette said...

My daughter was watching over my shoulder when I was looking thru your shop. She said, "I like the Hello Kitty one." What can I say? Girl's got good taste. :)

JLMadro said...

I just found your shop the other day, and let me tell you, I absolutely drooled over your Oooh La La Pearly Whites necklace, I adore it!!! and have been looking for something like that for so long. It is so cute and very unique! I can't wait for you to make more!!! Your Lulu Couture necklaces are so sweet, and any little girl would love them. Good job on the cute items! :) If I had a blog I would for sure post it to my front page! Sadly I am boring, and don't have much to talk about, hahaha!


Pogue Fam said...

SOO cute! You always do such a good job of displaying your sweet items. I was at your fashion party at your sisters house a while back, and drooled over many of your adorable necklaces and earrings. Love the new shoppe look!

Lauri said...

As always, priceless my darling! However there is a certain pink necklace that seems to be missing from your collections :-) JK, I like your pictures, you have worked hard on making this YOU!!! Nicely done.

Jenette said...

Oh! I love all Lulu Couture necklaces. But if I have to pick just one, I think I would be Sweet Cake.

sarah said...

fabulous, I love the heads you have to display your headbands. so cute! i'm loving the twirly girl and sweet cake! great job