I Am NOT Feeling Sorry For Myself!

At approx. 8:30am yesterday morning my husband loaded himself into this private jet.

At Approx. 9:15am the private jet flight attendant served my husband this breakfast.

Where was I while all this was happening? At home, with the children, the laundry (which has once again exploded all over my house) a sink full of nasty dishes and the reality of my so-called life. You know what really sucks? I was invited to go~ Stupid reality!

To My Prince:

I sure hope you're enjoying yourself. I'll be thinking of you while dealing with "our" life at home.

xoxo, Mrs. Princess Pookie

P.S. Roses would be nice.

AND THE WINNER PULLED OUT OF THE HAT IS...Tiffany! Thanks for playing friends.

1 comment:

Julianna said...

Well for heaven sakes, why didn't you go!!!