It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

The perfect scent for fall...

Unconditional Love
by Philosophy

Sweet, simple, light, soulful, pleasing and warm for the fall season. This is my new scent of choice for the change in weather. I discovered it in mid July and got all three products (perfume, shower gel, lotion) in a very reasonably priced gift pack. I just pulled it out this last week and I love it. Click HERE to learn more about this olfactory delight. Philosophy produces really excellent products. Their shower gel is DEFINITELY worth a try and you may have heard of THIS little wonder. Excellent stuff! Smells wierdish, but excellent stuff! Speaking of LOVE, anyone ever watch THIS show? Vicki and Gofer (was that his name?) were my favorites! Memories....

P.S. "Real love stories never end.":D

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