This doesn't happen everyday!


It's a day certainly worth celebrating! How about with a little shopping!? You could purchase a hip new polish like this (pic. right) It's el chico not el freako~trust me! Moms... wear this and your teenage daughter won't think you're an el geeko! Ya, I don't really like to brag but I've been taking Spanish.;D

P.S. It's coming! I'm feeling another give away just around the corner and I'm feeling awfully generous too. How about THIS?

P.S.S. OMG! (That's Oh my gosh.) I am eating the most lusciously, divine nectarine right now. I'm pretty sure it's better than...uh...um...oh ya...this is a G rated blog. ;D Trader Joe's princesses. Go buy some! $4.99 a box.

P.S.S.S.S. I'm still enjoying the Love Boat theme. Humor me for another day or so.

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