It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

TRUST ME! There is nothing more fabulous on the face of planet than Lulu Lemon athletic clothing. Do yourself a favor a buy a piece. I have absolutely no doubt in my my mind that you will fall in LOVE too. Yes, pricey but I can't say this enough, WORTH EVERY PENNY. And good news, for those of you who are lulu Lemon store deprived, you can now order on-line. Hurry! Don't delay. Go HERE now! I'm not kidding!

The BEST T's on the face of the planet!
I just bought one of these (black) for the first time and I won't buy any other stupid t-shirt again. Not as see thru as the picture shows. They are like velvet and are long and fit better than perfect. I loved my so much I wore it four days in a row~smelly!:D
The BEST headband on the face of the planet!

The BEST bra (for those less endowed) on the face of the planet!

The BEST hoodie on the face of the planet!

The BEST workout pants on the face of the planet!

CELEBRATE this weekend with Lulu Lemon and do something that will make you sweat.
Here's to a FABULOUS Friday!
P.S. Download this: Blow Away by A Fine Frenzy (playing). Take it along with you for a jog. It'll make you run faster!

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