Now that's a boob job I can afford!

Here's to a successful weekend:
1. New Bra(s)-Yahooooo!
2. Uh, does anything else matter? Finding a perfect fit bra is a nightmare. You all know that I love to shop but for bras? Come on now.
3. Oh, and I finally vacuumed underneath my couches. I almost took a picture but then decided to keep it my dirty little secret.:D

And the winners are (after 1 hr of trying on every bra in the store)...
Here are a few to consider if you are in need and if I had to guess, most of you probably are. I'm not telling you the last time I made"the BRA" purchase.

NOTE: I am and always will be a Victoria's Secret fan. They carry every bra under the sun in all shapes and sizes. Why waste your time anywhere else....really.

#1: Click HERE Everyday basic. This bra rocks! Never thought I'd say that about a bra.
#2: Click HERE For a little pick-me-up~literally! LOVE IT! Instant boob job.
#3: Click HERE Just for fun!
JUST DO IT! Go pick up bra that will bring your boobs from your knees back to where they were when you were 16. Perkie's a good thing. Not that I remember. I'm afraid I will have to lift and tuck for the rest of my life. {Sigh} Props to the gal who invented push-up bras.
Happy bra shopping!


Jenette said...

I do have to say Vicki's Hush-hush does know a woman's body best!

Julianna said...

Oh crap..you just said perky!!!

I was never a VS fan but last year I got a gift card (from my boss, weird until you realize that his daughter is the manager at one and he had her do the shopping) but I'm so glad I did! I love, love, love their bras! My girls are so much better in a VS bra and I will never buy a cheapy from Target or Walmart again! No way. VS is totally worth the money! Watch their clearance too.

Julianna said...
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Camryn said...

Hey there! I'm visiting from MMB and I stumbled across your blog.

Okay--so I read the title here and it just reminded me--I TOTALLY need a good bra. I hate shopping for one though. I should probably have someone come "fit" me to make sure I'm buying the right size after 4 kids, etc...but having someone around feels so...invasive!

LOL. Really, being chicken after having 4 kids--such a silly fear. Once you've had kids, all your dignity has been stripped--a woman can do anything, right?!