It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

The legwarmer sock. I will always and forever be a fan of the ever-so-cool legwarmer. Go 80's! It probably has to do with my passion for dance. However, regardless of my dance history, I think I'd still dig this trend. I saw (somewhere?) these paired with leggings and shorty cowboy boots. They did I little peek-a-boo out of the top of the boot and it was so cute! I don't care for leggings and shorty boots alone. I tried it the other day and HELLO Mr. Kankle! (NOTE: Leggings with taller boots-chic!) So, adding a little color and texture with the legwarmer sock to that combo is sure to be the perfect touch. Now that's what I call fashion!
So...Do You Dare?
P.S. Click HERE to find yourself a must-have pair of shorty boots to pair with your crazy socks. I'm still eyeing THIS pair.

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