Fashion Freedom At Its BEST!

10 reasons why NOT to shop at Wal-Mart

I'm too sexy for my hairy chest.

He must have just finished ballet class.
(To all my LDS friends, are you thinking what I'm thinking?)

Bum Bum peek-a-boo! Are those rolled down socks?

No comment!

Tie dye~groovy~ paired with short shorts and a fanny pack~awesome!

I can't help but stare~WHAT?

A "bullet" (balding mullet) with blouse~fancy!

At least she doesn't have PLS (panty line syndrom)

No doubt about it~ Sandals are paired with those brown knee socks.

And...last but certainly not least...Walmart would not be Walmart if you didn't see someone in their pajamma bottoms.
Assignment: Share this with all your girly friends. Everyone deserves a good giggle!:D
Thanks Jewlynn for sharing this.


Jenette said...

I swear I see these people at my WalMart every time I go there. I wish this town had another place to shop! I am dying for a Mall.

annette said...

Wow. Ew.