Picture Perfect



My Beautiful Children
There are days you make me cry because I think I'm the worst mom in the world. There are days you may me cry because motherhood is the hardest job EVER. And then there are days you make me cry because I realize how fast your little toes are growing. You guys are my hero's. My reason for living. My strength. My everything.

Love you forever!
Nose, Kiss, Hug,

P.S. Yes, we're having quesadillas...again. Yes, you still have to clean you rooms. And no, Santa is not going to bring us a puppy!:D


In Honor Of Design said...

they are adorable!

JRiggles said...

Cute kiddos!
And yes, we are having quesadillas again here too! "It's that or Ramen Noodles...You choose"

Lauri said...

!!!!!! I love your kids too!!!