It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Fabulously Fashionable Faux Fur

These WERE the days. Do you remember all the fur coat stores in the 80's? Weren't they a symbol of wealth back in the day? My mom never had one but I remember loving to pet them.:D


The more FAKE the better. Is that the same when it comes to boobs?

I realize my fur vest laying here on my kitchen counter looks a bit like road kill but, use your imagination. Jeans, killer boots (wish I had some) and a funky hat~whoop whoop...lets get this party started. Now only if I had somewhere cool to go. Oh well, the local teriyaki joint and movies will have to do. OMG! If you've been to Target lately then you've seen the white and black fur vests they have in the women's department. I tried them both on. The white one was like the abominable snowman and the black one made me look like a gorilla~funny stuff.

Happy Friday Everyone.
Go check out the fur selection at your local mall.

P.S. My fakie came from BP at Nords. On sale of course.
P.S.S. How do you spell faux? Whatever??

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