Mommy, can I have a frisby beat? What the heck is a frisby beat? OH, silly mommy! I should have known...a crispy treat (rice crispy treat). Love kids' interpretations of words.
Up to my unwaxed eyebrows in dance recital crap...I mean stuff.:D See you tomorrow.

In the meantime, THIS collection is yummy-o! Perfect for late night present wrapping. I want THIS set (pic left).

Need a gift for a college student? THESE are fabio!

I swear you would wear a PINK Vicki's lounge set everyday if you owned one. Send "Santa" in to get one for you. WARNING: Sending "Santa" in this store may result in more than just a lounge set!:D

PEACE out!

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Mimi said...

ooooo- good idea lucy!! I really could use a frisby beat right about now!!

I can't believe how big she is... I swear she just started to walk- CRAZY!

Yay for recital crap! I just sent T my music!