I am stumped. I have nothing to write about. I must have fried my brains with silly life happenings such as:

1. Twirly Tutu dance recitals.
2. An overflowing toilet~UGH! It leaked through our new kitchen ceiling. Not cool!
3. Etsy creations in which I have no time to list.
4. Ebay searches for stupid zhu zhu pets. If I lose another bid by .50 cents I think I'll scream!
5. Maraschino cherry chocolate dipping at 3am.
6. Christmas card creating that I gave up on. Sorry, no cards this year!
7. Tossing and turning in bed fretting about nothing.
8. Annoyed by Kelson's dead frogs that I paid $30 for. I called the store to see if I could return them~really. They don't want the frogs back but they'll give me store credit. That was a funny phone call.
9. Return line at Walmart (I'd rather poke my eye out.)
10. Hoping Santa brings me THIS or THIS or THIS. ;D

I do know that I am determined to sit back, relax and enjoy what is left of the Holiday season.
Happy Monday. May you have a productive week!

P.S. If any of you out there "stole by blog button" it was coded wrong. (oops!) I'd would greatly appreciate it if you would correct my mistake and re-steal my new button code. GRACIAS!


Elaine said...

ebay tip # 1: Go to www.auctionblitz.com. You can enter in the ebay item number, and it will bid in the last 10 seconds of the auction for you, so no one has time to outbid you. It's free, unless you sign up for the "deluxe subscription." Not sure if I should share my secret lest you outbid me, but luckily I'm not looking for any zhu zhu pets...

annette said...

I have a "it's funny now that it's over" toilet story. :) Last summer my regular sitter had taken some time to go visit family so I had a 14 yr old neighbor girl watching my kids for 3 days. About 4 pm on the last day, she calls me frantically, "Your toilet is overflowing!!!" Yikes. So I freak out, rearrange my schedule at work so I can leave immediately and go home - FAST. When I get home, she's all, "Oh, everything's ok. It stopped overflowing and I cleaned up the water." And she had "cleaned up the water" - with every clean towel from the linen closet! She had arranged them neatly, flat, in a layered mosaic, overlapping them where there was more water, making sure that none of it went down the heat register (WHEW!). And, oh! What's this? The towels that were hanging from the towel bar - that were already lightly soiled and could have used a wash anyway - were still hanging proudly on the towel bar. Huh?

Still... I am very appreciative that my heater was saved even though I had to wash **every towel I own**. I used a lot of bleach that day.

Lauri said...

Well it's a good thing you are never busy or anything! The way of your world is to be crazy busy, I don't think you would know how to survive any other way. :-) Merry Merry, to my bff ,Jo Dee, may you get everything your little heart desires but know it won't! Ha the way of the cruel wonderful world we live in ;-)