Thrifty Gifty!

First of all, I did not come up with this CLEVER idea. I pretend to be clever!:D
Anyway...here ya go.
Step 1: Go to your local Goodwill. Preferably on 50% off day!
Step 2: Find a candlestick ($1.99)

Step 3: Find a Mini Plate (.99 cents)

Step4: Buy E-6000 the glue that holds it all. (Michael's)

Step 5: Generously go around the rim of the candlestick with glue, stick the plate on top and let dry.

And VOILA- A multi-functional mini cake plate. I'm going to visit our local cupcake store and top my mini cake plates with single Holiday cupcakes all wrapped together in cellophane and a big red bow. Hello Cupcake places their cupcakes in clear single containers which will make this mini babe absolutely perfect. P.S. Next time I create these I will probably get shorter candlesticks.

Happy creating!

Wouldn't you agree...anything MINI is always adorable!

Especially my MINI muffin Lulu.

Miss Queen Lu


Jenette said...

That is a clever idea!!! And Queen Lu is adorable.

Julianna said...

I just saw this on another blog. Super cute idea!!!!