It's really almost here? HOW?

A peek at my decked out halls....
Our tradition~gingerbread house. Pre-fab from Costco...of course.

My clearance tree. Got pretty much everything on this tree (including the tree) last year at 75% off. I was so excited to put it up this year. Loving it in my black and red kitchen.

Here's an idea. I took a strand of jumbo white globe lights and tied red tulle and mini ornaments around the cord. After looking at this pic it looks kinda dumb but hopefully the real thing is cuter??:D

Candy canes...my fav! Garland~fancy smancy!

Glass Jars-a staple decor piece at my house. I Had a third one with this collection but I just broke the dumb thing on Saturday~crap! BTW: Those are my children's art projects and if I grab another almondless Kiss out of that bowl I'm totally going to return them~rip off!

Ha, would you look at that. I actually put up more garland WITH lights.
(I don't enjoy hanging garland!)

Merry Christmas!
How come there aren't any packages under the tree for me yet? Oh yes, Santa picks them up on Christmas Eve.
What's your favorite Christmas decoration?
P.S. Be sure to check back tomorrow (maybe). I've got a clever THRIFTY gift idea for you! I have to make mine first though to see if it's gonna work~hee hee!


annette said...

My favorite Christmas decoration is my hand carved wood nativity I bought in the Philippines. I love it so much, I left it up all year last year. Maybe that makes me weird... But I just love it. I feel bad tho, because Mary has a crack from the humidity change when I brought the set back to the States. :( Luckily, it's in her back. I didn't really set out to do this, but I have a little nativity collection going on. I have 6 or 7 nativities now, all were gifts except the wood one, and they all have a different story about how they came to be mine. I kind of like that. :)

I learned something new about Aunt Janice this summer. Around July 4 this year I took a road trip to Yellowstone with dad, mom, and we picked up Janice as we passed thru St. Anthony. We stopped at Bear World and browsed the gift shop while waiting to meet up with other family members. They have a little Christmas shop there and Janice found a new nativity. As it turns out, she has quite a large collection of nativities and she keeps a few out all year too. So I don't feel so alone in my weirdness.

And, by the way, Janice is hilarious. On that trip I heard her swear and I saw her flip the bird. Haha!!! She was cracking me up the whole trip!

sarah said...

my nativity collection, or our stockings- cute decorations Jo Dee-