It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

COLOR! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Spring 2010 color trends from Pantone. Word on the street (so I read) is the turquoise hue is the 2010 color of the year. CUTE! Finally, colors that are cheery, bright, wearable and oh s0 versatile. Bring on spring people!

Really adoring these two colors! (below)

That means if I buy THIS trench coat that I spied at Target the other day I'll be right in style! I seem to be obsessed with the color yellow around this time of year.
Happy color coding your wardrobe!


JRiggles said...

the turqoise is great. So is the blue. I love the violet!

annette said...

I heard about the turquoise trend earlier this week and I was so pleased! I have loved turquoise for years, I try to always have one tshirt in that color, and I would like to get some turquoise jewelry. :) I really like the violet too. I have a newish maxi-dress that color. It's fun to wear. I like yellow too, but I'm afraid to wear it, ever since a junior high big-shirt-with-stirrup-pants episode that involved a yellow shirt. I saw a picture of me in that yellow shirt and I looked totally washed out. Ew. But, I bought a (different shade of) yellow polar fleece pull-over last year for something like $2, and it looks cute under my parka when I go play in the snow so... whatever. When it's cold out, it makes me feel a little warmer to know I have sunshine on under my jacket. :)