I attempted trendiness today. I tried on a dress similar to the one pictured above. It took a total of about .2 seconds for me to discover the following:

No way! Get it off! You look like an idiot! Mayday....Mayday!

These dresses are ridiculous. The waistband is up to your boobs (maybe that's a good thing-extra support), the length is just weird w/leggings (which is how I would wear it) and the fullness of the skirt is anything but flattering.

So, no thanks, sayonara, adios, peace out!

Conclusion: Don't waste your time trying one of these beauties on.
To those of you out there who may have already purchased one, TAKE IT BACK...NOW!

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JRiggles said...

Funny! I had the same experience last week with a dress kinda like that with the EXACT same results!! I was embarrassed that I even tried it on.