This is PAINFUL!

I can't. I just can't do it. Save me someone. HELP...I'm drowning. YUCK! I absolutely can't bring myself to take Christmas down. Ya, you heard me right. My house is STILL a winter wonderland with 8 rubber maids hanging out on the sides begging to be filled.

Yep, tree still up.
Wreath on the door.
Lights on the outside.

The other night Lucy plugged the tree in and I quickly unplugged it for fear that someone might see. Mind you, the decor is not still up because I can't let go of the Holiday season. Na, I was over that Dec. 26. I'm just lazy. Totally lazy! And, I also fear what projects will haunt me once all the decor is down and the house looks bare (comparatively speaking).

That's it. I gotta go. I am not allowed to blog until my house has been deChristmasfied. See you in April-KIDDING... I hope.

P.S. Here's your TRENDY TUESDAY! Don't spend too much virtual $$ !


annette said...

If it makes you feel any better, my Christmas stuff is still upstairs. My tree is down and in its box, all the deco is in their rubbermaids. I just haven't hauled it from the corner of my living room down to the storage room. *sigh* I was kind of embaressed when my piano student and her mom came for piano lessons last night and the Christmas tree box hadn't moved since the last lesson. *blushing* It will be G-O-N-E from my living room before the next lesson!

Sara said...

Invite People over....that would get you motivated right? :) Or maybe you could have some unexpected visitors "pop in" :)

So, I'm going to email or facebook you (whatever you call it about Sunday)

Best of Luck to You!!!!!!