I had a quick moment to browse through Nords ALONE this weekend. That would be me, by myself, no children, zero distractions. Me, in the ZONE and the opportunity to WISH. (If you got your Jan. 2010 Nords catalog most of these items can be found in there. )

Will work for watch! The match all watch. This is the one thing I am determined to get myself. (My $15 Target one I bought last spring is falling apart. Darn!) Anyone need a toilet scrubbed? I'll do it for a mere $99. That's a steal!;D

I think this is the jacket I deserve after my last North Face was stolen a couple months ago. I'm still bitter! Can you blame me? I HATE North Face jacket stealers.

Lime green please. OR blue. Or yellow.
Freakin' killer cute! Cute with skirts. Cute with shorts. Cute with leggings. Cute with your underwear! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

OMG (oh my gosh) These are so trendy darling!

Welcome to Miami. I've always wanted to wear a fedora. Perhaps this spring I'll splurge on one. All of these goodies can be found at Nordstrom.com. My reality: I came home with a pair of athletic socks. Happy Wishing!

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sarah said...

Trent had a north face jacket stolen as well..(while I was having a baby as well-)..I'm a hater of stealers too.